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This is a very small singularity on the mushrooming web that is morphing over time. Dajuroka gets around 1,000 hits these days and has been around in some form or other for over a decade in blogs, wikis, games and more than I can remember.

The Internet of Things refers to uniquely identifiable objects and their virtual representations in an Internet-like structure. The term Internet of Things was proposed by Kevin Ashton in 1999.

My scribblings are representations of a journey through the internet and where one individual’s search and thirst for knowledge might take them. Dajuroka® Industries is a small but agile organisation involved in many aspects of knowledge management, health and safety informatics, the social world and excitement that is the web with its gaming, media, innovation and overall joy of the written and visual world!

Enjoy what links from here and the interesting areas that are blogged. They change at whim but feel free to comment, state your own views, provide interesting links that we would love to follow up. They will be moderated so be good. It is all about the connections we can make and there is an infinity of them in the in the Internet of Things.

Dajuroka® – a place to start out in search for knowledge and possibly a bit of wisdom!

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